VARTA Microbattery - Giving Energy to Hear

VARTA Microbattery provides 1 year battery supply for ten children

Nicht sehen trennt von den Dingen, nicht hören trennt von den Menschen"(To not see separates one from things, to not hear separates one from people). It is under this guiding principle from Immanuel Kant that the association "SINN-voll helfen e.V." from Aalen helps hearing and sight impaired children. One project of the association is the support of hearing impaired children in Jordan.


After the project started during the last year it was clear to students and members of the University Aalen that many of these children could only be helped by a Cochlear Implant due to near-deafness. By this technology the acoustic nerve is electrically stimulated by an implant inside the ear. Here, the electronic system of the hearing device is carried into the working parts of the ear to improve hearing.


During the second visit of the association in July 2010 ten children between the ages of eight months to five years could be provided with an implant, sponsored by Med-El. Implant of the devices were performed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Tisch of the federal armed forces hospital in Ulm, accompanied by Mrs. Prof. Dr. Annette Limberger, professor for hearing acoustic at the University Aalen.


The reason for this project in Jordan is that public health insurances funds do not pay for implants. Only rich families can afford to provide their children with the care they need. Children from poor families have to rely on external help, as the care would be impossible by their own finance.


Wishing to contribute, VARTA Microbattery has now taken over the battery supply for these ten children with power one hearing aid batteries for a year. The power one IMPLANT plus hearing aid battery is the world's strongest and best-fitting cell for the insertion in implants. VARTA Microbattery produces these cells in the world's most modern and largest production facility for hearing aid batteries in Ellwangen, Germany.