VARTA Microbattery fetches historic battery exhibits to Ellwangen

Battery exhibits illustrate 125 years of VARTA history

To mark its 125th anniversary, VARTA Microbattery is assembling an exhibition of historic batteries at its main plant in Ellwangen. As Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA Microbattery GmbH, explains: "We are bringing 125 years of VARTA history home".

With the help of historian Kirsten Stahmann, former VARTA employees Ullrich Costenoble, Dieter Eissmann, Wolfgang Emer, Rolf Hennrich, Robert Köder, Karl Köhnlein, Gerhard Nöldeke, Dr. Gerhard Schneider and German Schulz have spent the last weeks inspecting and cataloging the extensive historic collection.

The collection comprises more than 700 exhibits – from the huge industrial battery down to today's innovative microbattery. The exhibits impressively showcase the enormous change that batteries have undergone in 125 years, together with the ongoing trend toward miniaturization.

At the end of May, Herbert Schein (CEO) and Jens Stahmann (CFO) from the Management Board of VARTA Microbattery met with the VARTA pensioners to view and learn more about the historic significance of the exhibits. Starting in the fall, a storage area for displaying the collection will be set up at VARTA Microbattery.