Extended Hearing with Energy by "power one"

VARTA Microbattery with power one hearing aid batteries on the 55th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians

The estimates of experts say that in Germany alone 15 to 16 million people suffer from being hard of hearing. This tendency is growing and the people involved are becoming even younger. Today, the people will be helped by modern hearing aids at shortened hearing for a new life perspective. In the case of energy supply for hearing aids power one has the right solution with its range of products. The latest trends and developments for extended hearing were shown on this year's EUHA Congress from 13th to 15th October 2010 in Hanover.


Premium quality power one hearing aid batteries have a long runtime and display optimal delivery of amplifier performance as well as brilliant sound quality. In addition, they are always reliable and safe even under extreme environmental conditions. These are guaranteed through decades of experience and steady investment in development and optimization of the manufacturing process. The hearing aid cells from VARTA Microbattery are subject to the strictest quality control and are protected by innovative and convenient packaging allowing the consumer to easily remove the batteries through a practical rotating blister.


For implants which need a lot of energy power one provides the power one Implant plus battery. This cell can supply very high levels of power in short bursts. The manufacturer Cochlear recommends power one IMPLANT plus for use in implants.


The particularly eco-friendly alternative from VARTA Microbattery is called power one ACCU plus. Every rechargeable battery replaces up to 57 primary batteries and this is also more environmentally friendly. Moreover, power one provides mobile charging systems with the pocketcharger, the pencharger and power one 675charger.